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Zermatt - Switzerland’s Number One Ski Vacation Destination

Zermatt is Switzerland’s top skiing resort destinations. Visited by locals and foreigners alike, Zermatt’s inescapable beauty and its well-groomed pistes make it an ideal destination. A Zermatt hotel, for instance, will offer views of the Matterhorn or give perspectives of the 28 other surrounding peaks.

The highest slopes always have more than enough powder, while the lower slopes get blasted with snow cannons when necessary. The highest skiable altitude is at 3.899 meters, with the lowest at 1.620 meters. Additionally, there are 121 ski runs branching out into 313 km. The longest slope is 21 km long, so it is no wonder that people take a bus from the Bern airport which is 130 km away (with direct bus linking the two).

Additionally, Zermatt used to boast year round skiing with its 1.000 m glacier. Nowadays, though, the summer skiing may be a thing of the past with global warming taking its toll on the surrounding ice.

Snowboarding in this resort is also very trendy with plenty of pro and amateur parks to ride.

Zermatt skiing is only made possible thanks to the resort's hotels. Chalets, apartments and alpine houses make any stay comfortable and relaxing. By the way, Zermatt is a car free resort - if your hotel window faces the street side, it will still be quiet. This great ski resort can suit any type of visitor, staying for a few weeks or simply wishing to relax for a few days.

Zermatt is rich in its ability to offer a wide range of winter activities. Winter walking, tobogganing, snowshoe hiking, ice climbing, skating, hockey, curling, as well as paragliding are also available. You will never see Zermatt the same way again.

Zermatt ski

Informacje ogólne

Minimalna wysokość: 1620 m
Maksymalna wysokość: 3899 m


Najbliższe lotnisko: Bern, 133 km
Najbliższy dworzec kolejowy: Zermatt, 0 km
Bezpoœredni autobus z dworca kolejowego
Bezpośredni skibus z dworca kolejowego

Informacje o oœrodku narciarskim

Wszystkie: 313 km
Najdłuższy stok: 21 km
Trasy do narciarstwa biegowego: 12 km

sztuczny śnieg
Nocna jazda na nartach

Niebieska: 69 km
Czerwona: 188 km
Czarna: 56 km


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