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Isola 2000 – An Under The Summits Ski Holidays
Isola 2000 in France nestles in the southern section of the French Alps, just 100 km from the Nice Cote d’Azur airport. There are lots of summits around here, 15 that are between 2-3000 meters tall. From Sistron, it’s often possible to see the Mediterranean Sea. Isola skiing offers quite the variety, as there are over 2000 hectares of land. The resort proper sits at 2000-meters, though the lowest place skiers can reach is 1800 meters. There are 120 km worth of skiing slopes, with 43 in all, one lying over a total distance of 5 km. There is a mix of 22 different lifts taking skiers and boarders to the top, and 200 snow cannons capable of covering the slopes in mere minutes. Isola 2000 snowboarding does not have the most free-style parks, but there is a snowboard cross and half pipe for those set on snowboarding—many a boarder has had a “yard sale” (wiped out) on these in order to get their tricks to stick. A six-day ski pass, for example, will only run 130 Euros per person during the high season.
Isola 2000 Accommodation: The nice niche that Isola 2000 has in this part of the French Alps is the cozy, small and quiet atmosphere it exudes. Isola 2000, for an alpine resort, maintains the highest quality of hotels and apartments for customers, though visitors never feel crowded or trussed together.

Child lift, child slope, ski equipment rental, ski school.

Isola 2000 ski

Informacje ogólne

Minimalna wysokość: 1800 m
Maksymalna wysokość: 2610 m


Najbliższe lotnisko: Nice Côte d’Azur, 90 km
Bezpoœredni autobus z dworca kolejowego
Bezpośredni skibus z dworca kolejowego

Informacje o oœrodku narciarskim

Wszystkie: 120 km
Najdłuższy stok: 5 km
Trasy do narciarstwa biegowego: 25 km

sztuczny śnieg
Nocna jazda na nartach

Niebieska: 19 km
Czerwona: 89 km
Czarna: 12 km


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